Waste Containment Facility Planning and Facility Design

Geosyntec is recognized as a leader in helping our clients achieve safe, secure containment of their regulated wastes requiring land disposal.  We provide engineering and related services for siting, permitting, design, construction management/quality assurance, environmental monitoring, and closure/post-closure care.

 We apply advanced concepts in geotechnical engineering and ground improvement methods to design foundations for sites that have poor structural characteristics or significant geological hazards.

Practice Specialties in Waste Containment Facility Planning and Facility Design

We are working with our clients to develop approaches for the next generation of integrated waste management practices. Integration of conventional and emerging practices is often necessary to meet the complex demands of a community.

We are experienced in the design of:

  • Municipal solid waste (MSW) landfills
  • Utility industrial ash and scrubber sludge monofills
  • Industrial/hazardous/remediation waste landfills
  • Construction and demolition waste disposal facilities
  • Radiological/mixed waste containment facilities

Advancing the State of the Practice in Waste Containment Facility Planning and Facility Design

The applied research of our leading practitioners for U.S. EPA, DOE, and industry associations has defined the state-of-the-practice for more than 25 years.  As a result, Geosyntec is often first-to-field with emerging technologies related to the secure, safe containment of our nation's solid wastes and industrial residuals.  Many of the waste containment system design methodologies that we pioneered in the 1980s are today the standards of practice in the field. 

We continue to work with federal and state agencies to field-test new technologies and develop guidance documents for their application.  For example, Geosyntec partnered with the University of Illinois and Drexel University on a landmark 10-year study for U.S. EPA that identified methods to improve the long-term performance of municipal and hazardous waste landfills.  Our senior practitioners, in collaboration with the academic community, authored the technical guidance for RCRA/CERCLA final cover systems for U.S. EPA.  Today, we are working closely with the Environmental Research and Education Foundation (EREF) and the Interstate Technology & Regulatory Council (ITRC) to develop new performance-based guidelines for assessing the post-closure care requirements of MSW landfills. 

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